Bluestem Ranch

a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tallgrass Economic Development, LLC



Bluestem Ranch, LLC is a tribally owned business formed in 2016 to build and maintain ranching operations on property owned by the  Osage Nation in Osage County. The purpose of the company, as stated in its Articles of Operation, is to create and stimulate the economy of the Osage Nation, to generate profits, and to create employment opportunities for tribal members.  The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tallgrass Economic Development, LLC.

There’s a bold spirit of cultural heritage sweeping across the Osage Nation. A revitalized determination to reclaim its land, and to create a lasting legacy to the tribe’s cultural and agricultural history. Bluestem Ranch is a part of reclaiming the proud past as it seeks to build a successful livestock operation on the site of the Osage nations proud new purchase.

On August 24, 2016 media mogul Ted Turner officially transferred ownership of his 43,000-acre Bluestem Ranch to the Osage Nation. The tribe’s purchase restores a portion of the roughly 1.2 million acres that the tribe owned until 1906, when the reservation was allotted to individual tribal members, according to Chief Geoffrey M. Standing Bear. The Osage Reservation once covered the entirety of Osage County.  The Osage Nation is filing applications for federal trust status to protect the land from future sale.

With the Bluestem purchase, the Osage Nation became one of the three largest landowners within the former Osage Reservation.

According to the Principal Chief Geoffrey M. Standing Bear, federal trust status will afford the property maximum legal protection against being sold or given away in the future.  Create jobs, change lives, and see our people prosper as never before. It’s fueled by the rich heritage and proud traditions of our past, driven to build the strongest possible legacy for future generations.


Bluestem Ranch, LLC Leadership & Board

Our leadership boasts extensive experience in agriculture and ranching operations.

Board of Directors

Faren Anderson – Chairwoman
Jim Perrier – Vice Chairman
Teresa Meade – Treasurer
Jackie Badley – Secretary

Spring/Summer Grazing Opportunity at Bluestem Ranch


Bluestem Ranch LLC is accepting bid proposals for a stocker grazing opportunity from April 1st to July 4th on approximately 6,660 acres for 1,665 head of steers. Deadline for proposals is March 10th. Send proposals to PO Box 1445, Pawhuska or email to See the documents below for full proposals terms and conditions as well as maps of the property.

2018 Stocker Grazing Rights NEW                   2017-1004_ENR_Wildlife-Conservation-Regulations



Map – SE Ranch pasture names

Map – Center Ranch pasture names

Stocker grazing Map